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Doodle Videos are Whiteboard Animated Videos Great for Marketing your company or providing training videos

Professional, Realistic Whiteboard Videos In Minutes...

No longer will you be forced to pay outrageous fees, and wait weeks to months for professional designers and videographers to create hand-sketched, doodle videos for you.

We can create professional doodle sketch videos within a week.

Provide us with your script, and any special images you want us to use, like your logo

Doodle Videos to showcase all kinds of REALLY cool whiteboard animations to market, showcase, train, and get the positive effects you want from clients and staff.

Can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing. Just let us know!

Note: All videos shown below are whats possible.

Here’s just a small taste of what we can create with a Doodle video...

Choose between blackboard, glassboard, and even green screen animations.

We can also take your own line drawings and draw them in videos

All kinds of images can be used.

We offer both black and white line drawings and coloured in doodle images.

Large selection of male and female hand types in various ethnicities.

Choose between different male or female hands, as well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect impression.

Provide your own voiceover audio, or we can use a computer voice, or we can have a professional voice over artist, or we can just use music with subtitles.

Voice overs can be combines with royality free music.

We have 1000s of custom drawn whiteboard doodle images.

We provide high quality doodle sketch images with various different characters in different poses. Background scenes can be set, props can be inserted into scenes.

Complete with royalty free audio music tracks, perfect for any genre.

Background music helps to set the mood of the video.

Export your whiteboard animation videos in various mp4 file sizes from web-ready, all the way to full 1080p HD.

After you’ve created your custom doodle video in a few minutes, you’ll be able to export your video in various resolutions (480p-1080p & even custom), file sizes (24-60 fps), and quality (low-maximum).



Doodle Videos are The Perfect Choice For …

Doodle Video For …

Youtube marketers

The biggest ranking factors on Youtube are engagement signals such as likes, shares, and time that a user watches a video. Doodle sketch videos are proven to be up to 20x more engaging than a standard video. So by simply adding a short doodle intro, you can expect to see an increase in user engagement and Youtube ranking.

Teaching and training

By adding a visual representation of what you’re teaching, via a doodle sketch video, you’ll find that your presentations will not only be much more engaging, but your viewers will retain more of what you’re teaching because they’re not only listening and reading, but they are also able to learn by watching. By using all 3 modalities at once, the end result is exponentially better for everyone involved.

Facebook Advertising

If you’re looking to create a Facebook ad that will stop someone from scrolling and pay attention to you, a doodle video can do just that. Doodle videos are proven to be an extremely engaging form of video. The reason being that people love to watch other people create. There were entire television shows based on watching someone draw for 30 minutes (i.e. The Joy Of Painting by Bob Ross).

Sales videos (VSLs)

Doodle videos are typically the highest converting video type available, which is why professionals can demand $1000s of dollars for a single doodle video. They work perfectly if you’re selling a digital product such as an online course, an eBook, a software product, or a membership website. Doodle videos are also the perfect choice for explaining and selling eCommerce products on your website (or on Amazon).

Creating fun and inspiring videos

Whether you’re looking to create a video to inspire someone to take an action such as donating to an important cause, or you’re designing a birthday video for a loved one, or you just want to impress your friends with a hand-drawn doodle sketch video (without needing to actually learn how to draw), we are the perfect choice.

And hundreds of additional uses…

There are far too many uses for Doodle Videos to mention here. The only limitation is your imagination. Take your ideas and turn them into professional, impressive-looking doodle sketches… in whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, or glassboard videos.

Create The Most Realistic-Looking, Doodle Videos For Any Industry And Niche. Here Are Some Videos Created...

Video 1: Whiteboard Children Are A Gift

Video 2: Glassboard Happy Halloween!

Video 3: Blackboard The Doodlies

Video 4: Glassboard Third Eye Yoga

Video 5: Glassboard Art Of Coloring

Video 6: Blackboard Email Marketing

Video 7: Whiteboard Charity Video

Make Your Marketing / Explainer Videos / Invites amazing with a Doodle video.

Use Doodle videos to explain the culture of your company or ther information about your company.

Use Doodle videos to market your product or service

Listen to what others are saying about the Doodle Videos created ...

Simple, Yet SUPER Powerful!

The videos that we create look even better than what the professionals charging R1000s of rands whom use stop frame technology.

We offer a low cost Doodle Video creation service using characters and props from a library of thousands of images to make it suit your needs exactly.

Come on, purchase that Doodle Video and get the video to make your campaign rock!


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